Rainy May Day

The rain is falling gently today upon the tulips, daffodils, dandelions, and lamb’s quarters. I feel susceptible to a nap, seeing as my baby is napping and I’m watching the water fall out of the sky and pool around the rocks. Last night we read a book about Insects, and in the back there were craft ideas, like painting butterflies. The littles saw this and asked if we could too today. So we did.

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Look Up to the Light

It is a simple move, and it is an obvious one, but when a lass is feeling down- she can lift up her head and look to the sun to raise the feeling rung to a higher one. When the day is done, the stars offer a cure~ twinkle twinkle, how we wonder what you are. If you feel the pain of living, you are doing it right. If it hurts your heart, you are doing it right. But try not to be in pain, and try not to hurt. Instead offer yourself a smile. Take a deep breath. Be the light you seek.

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Camping with Babes and Being Elemental

Last night we took the babes camping next to a pristine New England river. The rocks stretch out into the shallow water and there’s places to dip into the cold river. As we set up the tents, our little angels squeaked and jumped and played like little prairie dogs. After hiking and swimming, staring at the mountains, eating vegetables, and snuggling by the fire, the tent was a welcome sleep space. The night was cold and I suffered a bit from lack of sleep and a crying one year old.

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Homemade Stevia-Sweetened Ice Cream

Homemade ice-cream doesn’t have to have syrups or sugar to be tasty. Try stevia drops! They’re easier on the blood sugar levels. My friend Scott made the wild blackberry crumble in the above picture. He asked me to make vanilla ice cream to top it. Because the crumble had such a strong taste, the slight stevia-ness of the vanilla flavor melted into it, making this whole situation mighty tasty. This ice cream is a savvy option for going a la mode without going all sugar crazy. If you’re going dairy free, substitute canned coconut milk for the cow’s milk. Here’s the recipe:

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