Angel Gabriel

This is Angel Gabriel.

A golden light waterfall comes from the heart, and like a benevolent colossus, the angel strides across the land. Emanations of the once and future goodness fill our world, and despite the dark and mean, it will always be, it will always be. 

Angels. These broad creatures are like elements that coagulate to do good in the physical or mostly spiritual place, and then redisperse. Gabriel organizes in the celestial, and is touching down to earth as a radiance of light, an enlightening presence here. It seems to me that Gabriel is not always here, but at this time Gabriel is here. One thing that comes to mind about Gabriel announcing the coming birth of Jesus is that Jesus brought mercy. Mercy was the newest innovation then. It is regular before and after death, and it is for us in our plight and our suffering. Mercy doesn’t destroy suffering, but it demands that we won’t suffer more than necessary, and ensures in the cosmic cycles no long-term vindictive efforts against us. Mercy dulls the regular sharp human stupidities, our long string of errors. The hot light of God melts icy shards, and we are warmed by it.

Angel Gabriel by artist Shannon McCarthy

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