Angel Gabriel

This is Angel Gabriel. A golden light waterfall comes from the heart, and like a benevolent colossus, the angel strides across the land. Emanations of the once and future goodness fill our world, and despite the dark … Read more

Speaking of Schizophrenia…

CG Jung had extraordinary insights while working with schizophrenic patients. My favorite is this: There is a membrane separating the conscious from the subconscious. The subconscious is the source of our base urges and our greatest light, … Read more

Shannon McCarthy Self Portrait

Hello Again

Hello friends and visitors! It’s been three years since I have written in this blog. It is as fine a place as any to share ideas and write, so here we are once again, or for the … Read more

Zoa And The Fawn

Orders for: Zoa And The Fawn Book (softcover) About the book: Follow the adventures of a little kitten and his new fawn friend through the natural wonders of Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest. Jane Ashworth is a 99-year-old … Read more

Uncle Jim is coming to town

Right now-ish! What a day! What a day! Here’s a little doodad for the erm… well…We’ve got a man coming to town. And in his honor, here’s the poster:   Without further ado…  

Back from Africa

G’day, Blog Buddies! We filmed the Sangoma film (whose name we’re changing) in South Africa, and I’m back home in Connecticut! The filming, the experience of being in Africa- was unquantifiable, really, and what can I say? … Read more