The Winding Line

  Deja vu, a pound in the head, the high ringing, then a silent silent world inside – these signals pass me through the gate to a frontier, making me a free roaming agent who is not … Read more

Angel Gabriel

This is Angel Gabriel. A golden light waterfall comes from the heart, and like a benevolent colossus, the angel strides across the land. Emanations of the once and future goodness fill our world, and despite the dark … Read more

Speaking of Schizophrenia…

CG Jung had extraordinary insights while working with schizophrenic patients. My favorite is this: There is a membrane separating the conscious from the subconscious. The subconscious is the source of our base urges and our greatest light, … Read more

Shannon McCarthy Self Portrait

Hello Again

Hello friends and visitors! It’s been three years since I have written in this blog. It is as fine a place as any to share ideas and write, so here we are once again, or for the … Read more

Zoa And The Fawn

Orders for: Zoa And The Fawn Book (softcover) About the book: Follow the adventures of a little kitten and his new fawn friend through the natural wonders of Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest. Jane Ashworth is a 99-year-old … Read more

Rainy May Day

The rain is falling gently today upon the tulips, daffodils, dandelions, and lamb’s quarters. I feel susceptible to a nap, seeing as my baby is napping and I’m watching the water fall out of the sky and … Read more