Van Gogh & Nature Exhibit

The Clark Art Museum in Massachusetts is showcasing an incredible collection of Van Gogh’s works. Thank you to The Clark, the National Endowment for the Arts, and many other good-willed foundations that make great art like this … Read more

Camping with Babes and Being Elemental

Last night we took the babes camping next to a pristine New England river. The rocks stretch out into the shallow water and there’s places to dip into the cold river. As we set up the tents, … Read more

Homemade Stevia-Sweetened Ice Cream

Homemade ice-cream doesn’t have to have syrups or sugar to be tasty. Try stevia drops! They’re easier on the blood sugar levels. My friend Scott made the wild blackberry crumble in the above picture. He asked me … Read more

Uncle Jim is coming to town

Right now-ish! What a day! What a day! Here’s a little doodad for the erm… well…We’ve got a man coming to town. And in his honor, here’s the poster:   Without further ado…  

Back from Africa

G’day, Blog Buddies! We filmed the Sangoma film (whose name we’re changing) in South Africa, and I’m back home in Connecticut! The filming, the experience of being in Africa- was unquantifiable, really, and what can I say? … Read more